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    Brief Relief 3 - Extra Strength Medical Edition is hot off the press! And for best value, purchase all three volumes (15 percent discount plus $10 savings)!


    Write short, write fast with

    Brief Relief!

  • Rumors in the Digital Age

    As an Eclipse scopist, I occasionally share PSAs on my Facebook page on various subjects that arise from my experiences in this business. After a recent post, I received a question from, and responded to, a steno. In order to correct the record once and for all, I shared the following in Court Reporters of Facebook, Court Reporters Vent Here, and Court Reporters Vent Uncensored.

    REPORTER: Wait, I'm confused. Aren't you an advocate for digital reporting? While I'm glad to hear you talk about respect for the record and not thinking that reporters should rely on their audio -- of which I would agree -- aren't you advocating that the entire record/transcript can be adequately produced from a mere audio recording?

    LINDA LEE: I’m glad you asked, Isaiah. No, I do not actively advocate for digital reporting. That is a rumor that continues to be shared in reporter circles. I'm not interested in training digitals.

    As one who spent nearly a year and a half learning the language of steno from the late veteran court reporter Cathi Annis Burnham, owner-operator of the Allied School of Court Reporting, a brick-and-mortar in Rhode Island, I believe that steno is the gold standard of reporting. I scope for stenos and am also the woman behind BriefReliefBook.com, whose mission is to create briefs and other resources that help stenos write shorter, faster, and smarter. That is my passion.


    However, the truth doesn’t matter to some. Rather than reach out to me, as you did, to ask me if I train digitals, some reporters drew that conclusion because of my having coached students in the scopist track of PAF Training Programs, owned and operated by Patricia A. Falls, veteran stenographer, which is now The Court Reporting Academy. Patricia corrected the record in a thread on my page when someone else brought up the rumor.

    There are those who also have an issue with me because I do not share their pathological hatred for digitals and others in the business, to include voice reporters and “reporter flunkies,” a perjorative that a reporter used instead of “scopists.” Thus my acceptance of the fact that digitals exist is used by some to lend credence to the rumor that I train them.

    I subscribe to the philosophy of "live and let live" and "treat others how you wish to be treated." Furthermore, I have no issues with anyone who lawfully earns a living. Unfortunately, to some, unless you believe, as a reporter stated recently, that “digitals are the gum beneath my shoe," you're perceived as the enemy. When one is good at what they do, there is no need to fear.

    "A man's gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men." (Proverbs 18:16)


    Thanks for reading. Write short, write fast, and brief on!

  • Hear what "Confessions of a Stenographer" co-host Tamara Chapman Maiello, CSR, RPR, CRR has to say about Brief Relief!

    To hear about "Brief Relief," fast-forward to the 10:32 marker.

    Or better yet, listen to the entire podcast for a treasure trove of Tamara's tips!

  • Brief Relief features more than 25,000 one-stroke real-time-ready briefs for common phrases, saving valuable time and energy.

    Embrace the power of writing shorter, faster, and smarter! Having one-stroke briefs for common phrases is by far the best way to dramatically shorten your writing.

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    Briefly speaking,

    Brief Relief is a compilation of one-stroke briefs for high-frequency phrases encountered by the professional reporter. Conceived by Linda Lee, a woman with a gift for creating catchy briefs, Brief Relief is an invaluable resource for court reporters, captioners, and CART providers interested in shortening their writing. With more than 25,000 real-time-ready one-stroke briefs for common phrases, Brief Relief is a useful reference in the quest to reduce everyday phrases to one streamlined stroke. Students will also find the book immensely helpful as an aid to dictionary- building.


    Write short, write fast with Brief Relief!

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    Maximize your steno mileage!

    Reduce wear and tear on the body and enhance your efficiency.

  • Brief Relief 2 features more than 46,000 one-stroke real-time-ready briefs for 2+ syllable words.

    Devoted entirely to multisyllabic words, Brief Relief 2 is an indispensable aid for dictionary building and stress-free, effortless writing.

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    Polysyllabic words edition!

    Brief Relief 2 is a compilation of one-stroke briefs for 2+ syllable words encountered by the professional reporter. Designed as a complement to its predecessor, Brief Relief 2 is an invaluable resource for court reporters, CART providers, captioners, and students interested in shortening their writing. Jam-packed with 46,000+ real-time-ready one-stroke briefs, Brief Relief 2 is a useful reference in the quest to reduce everyday words to one streamlined stroke. Includes a plethora of medical terms.


    Write short, write fast with Brief Relief 2!

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    Maximize the power of your keyboard!

    Brief Relief 2 includes briefs that incorporate prefixes such as hyper-, mis-, non-, re-, self-, sub-, un-, and under-!

  • Brief Relief 3 features more than 8,400 one-stroke real-time-ready briefs for 40+ medical specialties.

    Devoted entirely to medical terminology, Brief Relief 3 is an indispensable aid for medical testimony, dictionary building, and stress-free, effortless writing. Need dictations? Item #8 in the Brief Relief Store has you covered.

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    Just what the doctor ordered!

    Brief Relief 3 is a compilation of one-stroke conflict-free briefs for medical terminology encountered by today's professional reporter. A real time-saver, the briefs in this latest volume are arranged alphabetically within 40+ medical specialties, making it a cinch to prepare for a particular health care practitioner. Jam-packed with 8,400+ real-time-ready one-stroke briefs, Brief Relief 3 is a useful reference in the quest to reduce complex medical terms to one streamlined stroke. Plus the "Extra Relief" section includes briefs for 200+ medications and much, much more!


    Write short, write fast with Brief Relief 3!

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    Fear not!

    Mastering the briefs in Brief Relief 3 will help you conquer the most daunting and complex medical terminology!

  • Brief Relief 1, 2, and 3

    are brought to you by

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    Linda Lee, M.Ed.

    The Briefs Doctor

    Brief Relief (phrases edition), Brief Relief 2 (multisyllabic words edition), and Brief Relief 3 (medical edition) feature an extensive collection of clever one-stroke real-time-ready briefs compiled by Linda Lee, a woman with a passion for writing, including the stenographic sort. Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts, her employment history includes positions where publishing, writing, and copy editing were center stage. Fueled by a passion for the pursuit of knowledge and possessing the heart of a teacher, Lee worked for a book publisher, management consulting companies, and in various staff and management positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the MIT Sloan School of Management. She earned a master of education degree at Cambridge College. Lee also attended the Allied School of Court Reporting in Cranston, Rhode Island, under the expert tutelage of the late Cathi Annis-Burnham, veteran court reporter-owner, which ignited her passion for and eventual fluency in stenographic shorthand and machine stenography.


    Lee is the proprietor of LML Communications, which offers high-quality scoping and proofreading services to discerning reporters who value her knowledge of the rules governing the English language in terms of editing the verbatim record.


    Lee is the moderator of The Brief Exchange on Facebook and a frequent contributor to court reporter punctuation and briefs forums. She is the author of Brief Relief: 25,000+ Potent One-Stroke Briefs for Common Phrases, released in 2016, Brief Relief 2, 46,000+ Potent One Stroke Briefs for 2+ Syllable Words, released in 2019, and Brief Relief 3 - Extra Strength Medical Edition, released in 2022. Each has been warmly received by the reporting community. Lee coached students enrolled in the scopist track of PAF Training Programs (formerly known as StenoTrain). She also presented at the USCRA Annual Convention 2020, continuing to inspire stenographic court reporters to embrace the power of briefs.

  • To contact Linda Lee, e-mail [email protected]

    or call 617-595-0907

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    (Please read before ordering.)

    Is there any overlap between Brief Relief (phrases) and Brief Relief 2 (multisyllabic words)?

    No, there isn't.. The original edition of Brief Relief is composed entirely of one-stroke briefs for phrases; the latest release, Brief Relief 2, is composed entirely of one-stroke briefs for multisyllabic words. Between both volumes, you will have more than 70,000 briefs at your disposal to help you write shorter, faster, and smarter.

    Can you e-mail me a page from your book so that I know what I'm getting?

    When you click on the tab for Brief Relief (phrases), Brief Relief 2 (multisyllabic words), and Brief Relief 3 - Extra Strength Medical Edition, you will see a page of briefs from each that will give you an idea of what to expect.

    What phrase starters and enders do you use in "Brief Relief" phrases edition?

    Click here for a list of the phrase starters and enders that are featured in my book:


    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/2cde881b-95f4-4500-b65d-321eed1549ef/Brief Relief Phrase Starters & Enders.pdf?id=207499

    I ordered your book. When will I receive it?

    Orders are usually fulfilled within 1-2 days after they're received in order to allow time for payments to be processed in advance of shipment. Once your package ships, you will receive an e-mail with the USPS tracking information. This way you will be able to check the shipping status at your leisure. Please note that the estimated delivery date is not guaranteed; your package could arrive sooner or later than this date. If you did not receive your shipping confirmation e-mail, please check your "junk" or "spam" folder as it was most likely intercepted due to an aggressive filter setting.

    I would like expedited shipping. How do I send payment?

    The price of "Brief Relief" physical books includes free shipping via USPS Media Mail, which usually takes 7 to 10 days. However, if you are ready to place your order and would like expedited shipping via USPS Priority Mail, please type a message in the "Send us a note" text box on the order page. (My website is not set up to calculate various shipping options.) Once I receive your order, I will email you a quote. If you live outside of the U.S. and would like a quote for the shipping, the same process applies.


    Payment for expedited shipping should be sent to me via PayPal, which is quick and easy. Here's how:


    - Go to PayPal.com.

    - Select "Send & Request" at top of screen.

    - Under "Send Money," type in the e-mail address that's linked to my PayPal account: [email protected].

    - A window will appear. Type in the monetary amount and a note that says "Shipping payment for Brief Relief book(s)."

    - When done, click "Continue."


    Note: I also have the ability to manually process credit card payments. Once the payment is received, your book(s) will be shipped. It's that simple.

    I placed an order for your book(s) and live overseas. How much will it cost and how do I pay?

    If you live outside of the U.S. and would like a quote for the shipping, email me at [email protected] for a quote in U.S. dollars.


    Payment for the international shipping charge should be sent to me via PayPal, which is quick and easy. Here's how:


    - Go to PayPal.com.

    - Select "Send & Request" at top of screen.

    - Under "Send Money," type in the email address that's linked to my PayPal account: [email protected].

    - A window will appear. Type in the monetary amount and a note that says "Shipping payment for Brief Relief book(s)."

    - When done, click "Continue."


    Once the payment is received, your book(s) will be shipped..

    Do you have an electronic copy of the book that you can send me?

    Since there are some folks, unfortunately, even in the legal field who do not respect copyright laws, the three editions of Brief Relief are available in print form only.

    Do you have a dictionary of your briefs that is available for purchase?

    See answer above. Besides, dictionary work, to include entering briefs, is an effective form of practice. The process of reading the words on the page and then typing the dictionary entry helps you to memorize the plethora of word/phrase starters and enders that are consistently used throughout my books. In fact, it's a form of immersion that helps with recall during audio practice. I speak from experience having added a bazillion into my own.

    I have your book(s) and am feeling overwhelmed. Where do I start?

    Please don't be. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Here are some practice tips for learning new briefs that should help you get started:


    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/c9537de2-136a-48e3-b114-4c4eae9c9f0d/Practice Tips for Learning New Briefs_LLee_final.pdf?id=222226


    And some additional tips appear below.

    Brief Relief (phrases edition) - Where to begin:

    A good place to start is with the extremely high-frequency YA I can't, YO I don't, YAO I wouldn't, YI I didn't, and YU I couldn't families followed by their "you" counterpart. Practicing these families will give you an opportunity to learn the common phrase-enders that are sprinkled throughout the book.

    Learning these phrases alone will give you substantial steno mileage right off the bat.

    Then go to the "Extra Relief" section at the end of the phrases book. This portion of the book features 350-plus extremely high-frequency two-word phrases that we hear in everyday speech. Think about how often you hear "in a," "of a," "because I," "because you, "was there," "it did," "it didn't," etc., in a single session, and you can imagine how many strokes you'll shave off by one-stroking these phrases.


    P.S. New! Dictations are now available to practice the briefs in the phrases edition of "Brief Relief" and "Brief Relief 3 - Extra Strength Medical Edition." Click on "Brief Relief Store" and scroll down to see the various purchasing options.

    Brief Relief 2 (multisyllabic words edition) - Where to begin:

    Start by sorting your dictionary to pull up your most frequently written words. If you haven't been writing them on one stroke, look the word up in the book and enter the family into your dictionary. Then practice that family until you feel comfortable. Also be sure to turn on your software's brief-it feature so that in the event that you forget a brief, it will remind you of it.

    The most important step to jump-start the brief-learning process is to dive right in. Commit to practicing a few briefs at a time and before you know it, you'll be writing shorter, faster, and smarter.

    Finally, I've created some dictations that feature phrases from "Brief Relief" as another resource to assist my Brief Reliefers with their practice sessions. Just go to the "Brief Relief Store" tab, scroll past the books, and you'll see the audio options. The dictations may be sped up or slowed down according to your needs. Then once you feel comfortable with the briefs, move on to the next recording.


    Have fun, happy practicing, and brief on!

    Which books are the audio files in your store based on?

    The dictations that are available for purchase in the Brief Relief Store are based on the phrases edition of my book, Brief Relief: 25:000+ Potent One-Stroke Briefs for Common Phrases, the special edition eBooks, and Brief Relief 3 - Extra Strength Medical Edition.

    What do the briefs on the prescription bottle mean?

    state your name for the record STURND

    did you remember it (or "the" or "to") DURMT

    how long HOUNG

    what has been marked WHARKD


    Add -Z to the last brief for "what has been marked as."

    Before you place your order...

    Please be sure to scroll through the three book-buying options and read the brief description of each book's contents. Doing so will ensure that the correct book will arrive at your doorstep. Please also remember to select your home state on the dropdown menu in the address field and review the information before submitting your order. This way we can avoid potential delivery mishaps. You'd be surprised by how many orders I receive with "AL" selected (the default) instead of the buyer's actual home state because they'd neglected to select it.

    And, finally, a brief reminder.

    If you paid by credit card, please note that “STRIPE” is the name of the credit card processing entity that will appear on your credit card statement, not “Brief Relief.” “LML Communications” is the publishing entity. As I have been negatively impacted in the past by customers who had disputed the charge because they did not recognize “STRIPE” on their credit card statement, I am sharing this reminder so as to avoid this from occurring in the future.

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  • Refund Policy

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your physical book, you may return it for a full refund minus a $5.00 shipping and handling fee. The book must be received in its original pristine condition and postmarked within 7 days from the date you received it. All eBook and audio file sales are final.

  • Testimonials

    Interested in what your colleagues are saying about "Brief Relief"? Here's a small sampling of unsolicited feedback.

    Cindy L. Sebo, Nationally Certified Registered Merit Reporter, Certified Real-Time Reporter, Certified LiveNote Reporter, Registered Professional Reporter, Certified Court Reporter, Certified Shorthand Reporter, California Shorthand Reporter, New York Real-Time Certified Reporter, New York Certified Reporter, Real-Time Systems Administrator, Remote Counsel/LiveLitigation Authorized Reporter

    "Firstly, I just want to state that these books of yours are FREAKIN' AMAZING. I love to brief to begin with, but yours even take me to a higher level than ever expected. YOU ARE A FREAKIN' GENIUS W/ALL THE BRIEFS. LOVE 'EM! Yes, yes, yes, I too appreciate you and what you do with these series. It's truly amazing ... amazing .... amazing. Thank you for taking the time to put together these brief books. I know it takes a lot of time and effort on your part, and so I wanted you to know how much it means to me to be able to use this and get faster and faster and faster and cleaner writing and cleaner writing. It really is amazing how you put these together. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND DILIGENCE. You are a gem to MANY OF US in the reporter profession. Linda, you are a blessing. YOU ARE THE BRIEFS DOCTOR, QUEEN, KING, MASTER, EXCELLENCY, PRESIDENT ... ALL OF THOSE."

    Susan Toms Ingraham, court reporter

    “Everyone needs to get Linda Lee's book on briefs! It's like hitting the EASY button :) Thanks, Linda! And you're so unselfish to share on here what's in the book!”

    Jerry Coash, Sr., court reporter

    I GUARANTEE this book will lower your blood pressure by 5 points. Guaranteed. Do something right now to improve your health - buy this book!”

    Leslie Pingley, court reporter

    "Love your book!”

    Sally Martin Williams, court reporter

    “Brief Relief” has jump-started my efforts to write short and brief more. I have come a long way with my briefing because this book makes so much sense in the way it is formatted. Thank you again, Linda, for your ongoing commitment to our profession and for your generosity with your information on the public reporters' websites. I love this book!!!!!!!!”

    Katiemarie Puntoriero, court reporter

    “Thank you again, Linda! These are so, so helpful and are making my depo go so smoothly!!”

    Cynthia Conforti, court reporter

    “Have it. Love it. Invaluable. I may be no Mark Kislingbury, but they are certainly entering the "respectable" arena with your book. I literally scope my transcripts and keep your book right next to my computer so I don't have to keep getting up.”

    Christine Mullinax-Byerly, court reporter

    "Linda, you never cease to amaze me!! You are the absolute best working mind out there in CR! I'm getting so much more efficient and faster with every "family" I implement from "Brief Relief" and you just keep on giving. The true energizer of briefs!

    I just love having connected with you and am so grateful for all you share.

    NOTE: If you haven't purchased Linda's book "Brief Relief," do it now!!! It will change your writing life and give new meaning to having more free time. I can't say enough positives about the book and the methodology she uses to make it sensible and memorable in your writing. 100% unsolicited; 100% authenticity!"


    Lorena Barron, court reporter

    “If you haven't bought her book, I suggest you get it. It is WONDERFUL!! So many, many briefs you will love!”

    Susan Asher Zielie, court reporter

    "You always have such great brief suggestions, I highly recommend this awesome reference resource!!! "Book" just doesn't fit this piece of mastery.”

    Jerry Coash Sr., court reporter

    “For anyone who hasn't already done so, I would encourage you to purchase Linda Lee's "Brief Relief." It's invaluable to me along with Laurie Boucke's software, "Briefs/Medically Encountered,” and Ed Varallo's "Ed's Steno Pro." Invaluable.”

    "Once again, Linda Lee comes through! I STRONGLY - s-t-r-o-n-g-l-y, recommended every reporter to buy her book. I use it every day. It will add enjoyment to your career as a court reporter and give you a greater quality of life. No kidding."

    Claire McGinn, court reporter

    “These are great, Linda!!! I bought your phrase book a few weeks ago! It is fantastic! I love your simple briefs. No crazy finger maneuvers! I am dying for a break from work to really go through it properly and get down to writing much shorter. Thank you for putting it together. Best book of briefs I have come across. 'Brief Relief': two thumbs up!"

    Amy C. Rosato, court reporter

    “I bought it. I haven't had any time to start studying it. The book is mind-boggling. lol. A wealth of briefs for sure. No disappointment here!”

    Lorena Ford, court reporter

    “Thank you so much for putting this book together! I am sooo loving it!”

    Christine Mullinax-Byerly, court reporter

    “If you think these are great, you should get her book!! "Brief Relief" is a game changer in every way possible!! Love the logic that you put into your groupings! You really have changed my life! I've actually gotten some of it back because I write cleaner and more efficient!! It's so very true, Linda! Your mission has been accomplished for sure. You have a wonderful way of simplifying what I CONSTANTLY overcomplicate. So grateful to have found YOU and your book!

    Linda, you've changed my work world, which has changed my life! You're my steno superstar!!

    My speed has drastically increased after getting "Brief Relief" by Linda Lee. It's phenomenal! She does the briefs in "families" so it's so easy to remember the root one. Then she continues using consistent endings for additional words in a phrase. Has changed my writing world for sure!

    That's my favorite and most valued part of Brief Relief. I have been able to increase my intro and use of briefs by 50% because of the way she created the briefs. You get the brief for "do you know" which then expands into ten plus more with additional added keys that are then used when you get to the family of briefs for "did you know". So the technique allows you to skip the overload part because you're not varying much on the additional words that are consistently used after different starting phrases. I too was hesitant because of your reason and have been amazed at how efficiently the system works. My only challenge is adding more to implement.

    This is an impartial endorsement, by the way. I asked dozens of questions to Linda Lee personally prior to purchasing the book, which she kindly addressed clearly and honestly with no sales intent hidden. In turn, I gathered a Facebook friend/advisor in turn. Just my experience that I hope helps some struggling as I did.”

    Teri Noce-Reedy, court reporter

    “Your book came in the mail this week and I'm sooooo excited!! I keep changing what I want to focus on learning as I flip through it! I love all of the briefs!!!!”

    Pam Hope, court reporter

    I bought the book Brief Relief by Linda Lee, which is all phrases, and I use it constantly. It's my new Bible. Worth a million bucks!!

    I cannot express to you how much this book has changed my life! Your briefs are easy to remember and incorporate into my writing perfectly. When I'm scoping and notice a phrase I've written out, I grab that book and look up the brief. It's not just a phrase that I've written in two or three strokes but many more, and you have a perfect one-stroke brief. "What is your educational background." One of my favs!


    I purchased a 5x8 refillable notebook with alphabet dividers so I can make a smaller version of your book to take with me on jobs. I always get there early and I just sit and practice the ones I use the most.


    I have been a reporter for 25 years and I've purchased more books than China has rice but nothing comes close to your incredible masterpiece! It should be mandatory for every student. Thank you for compiling it for reporters everywhere.”

    Leesah Villegas-Teran, court reporter

    "Linda Lee, I love the book. It's so easy to find the brief you need and the briefs are very easy to remember."

    Sara Czartolomna, court reporter

    "I received your magnum opus of briefs today, and it is beautiful! It's extremely well organized, and you are brilliant. Thank you so much!"

    Allison Decker, court reporting student, creator of www.allthingssteno.org

    "If you’re into briefing, I highly recommend this book, www.briefreliefbook.com. I have most all of the books I’ve heard recommended to shorten my writing, including:

    Brief Encounters – over 45,000 conflict-free one-stroke briefs for words and short phrases

    Ed’s Steno Pro – invaluable introduction to briefing, the concepts and basics of great briefing

    Magnum Steno – Mark Kislingbury’s theory, arguably the best way to shorten your writing (but involves changing a lot of what I’ve already learned – wish I had started with this)

    Of all of these, I’ve found Brief Relief to be the most valuable to me. Why? It’s full of phrases…TONS of phrases. And they’re all intuitive to me, aligned with how I would think to brief (but haven’t thought of yet, as is the case with the majority of the briefs). Truly a gold mine. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on material to master how I want to write. If I could go back and only had $50 to spend, I’d buy Brief Relief.

    #‎PSA #‎publicserviceannouncement #‎notapaidendorsement (Although I do hold the author in the highest regard.)”

    Deanna Warner, court reporter

    “I've got mine on my desk at the courthouse! When I'm doing transcription of audio CDs from other courts, I am always going, ‘Is there a brief for this?!?’ Nine times out of ten, sure enough it's in the book. I've noticed that since I started using the book, I'm getting better at briefing. Best way to build your brief vocabulary! Thank you for this book! It's a great help!”

    Andrew Howell, court reporter, England

    "YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Look what arrived on the doorstep today! It's an amazing book, and you're an amazing person. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for your attention to detail and great customer service. Your work is quite brilliant. Thank you!"

    Debra Flamer, court reporter

    "Linda, I am in total awe of your book I just received the other day!!! I'm only on the "able" phrases thus far. I so look forward to getting time this weekend to really focus on incorporating your awesome work! I'm a do-it-yourself real-timer having incorporated many theories and briefs and writing styles over the years, and I can't wait to delve further into your work. Thank you so much for the time and dedication you put into creating this masterpiece of a creation for court reporters. Much success in your future and current endeavors. You are truly blessed, and I'm so grateful to have seen your book in a post in a random check I did on Facebook. Gotta love technology and the marketing capabilities it affords us!"

    Theresa Porcello, court reporter

    "By the way, Linda Lee, I just got your book. Wow! I feel an obsession coming on. Thank you for taking the time to do that. So great!"

    Marta Grimes, court reporter

    "I just got my book, too. Great suggestions. Thank you, Linda Lee!"

    Eric Guillet, court reporter, France

    “That's it! I received Linda's book. Linda Lee made an incredible and titanic work. All the court reporters should have this book. It's a real help for every day. Even if I write in French, I found a brilliant idea inspired from Linda's book by using H for the negative shape of the sentences. Example: je veux (I want) affirmative (SKWR / WAO), je ne veux pas (I don't want) negative (SWKR / WHAO). Otherwise I have to type (SKWR/TPH/WAO/PS), il est (he is) affirmative (KWRZ), il n'est pas (he isn't) négative (KWHRZ). Too brilliant, and other ideas come to me. Thank you!!! As Linda Lee says in her book, “Be adventurous; keep your mind open.” Brief Relief is for everyone! So now it's up to you to get it or not!


    Another thing I do appreciate: Your book allows everyone to build great briefs if someone wants to. It's very different from other brief methods I see. Which is why I say and underline it, You did a terrific job with briefs. It makes sense even for a French. Wahoo! I can immediately imagine how helpful it is for English spoken. And it's very clever to have built the Table of Contents that way! Really efficient. So amazing it is. And, yes, I am the first one in France. Happy days!”

    Libby Garcia, court reporting student

    "I just received my Brief Relief book in the mail from Linda Lee. I feel faster just holding it!"

    Kellie Zollars, court reporter

    "I just got the book in the mail yesterday. Thanks! I know once I open the envelope I won't get my work done for a while, so my reward for finishing this next transcript is opening the envelope."

    Melissa Burdine-Rodolfich, court reporter

    "My Brief Relief was delivered yesterday!! You truly have a special gift! Thank you so much for publishing this book. With every page turned last night, I got more excited! It's ***AWESOME***!!"

    Cheryl Parrish, court reporter

    "The book came yesterday. I love it! Thank you so much! I cannot go to bed. I had to throw the book down. It's like a drug!"

    Linda Ballou Faria, court reporter

    “Book arrived today!! Thanks for making our job a "little" easier!! Now I can bring the book with me to depos!”

    Lilli Ruggeri, court reporting student

    "Woohoo! Got the book yesterday. Love it. I had been hoping you would compile your briefs into a book. They just make sense. Thank you for, I'm sure, the countless hours you put into the book. I'm at my writer now entering the briefs."

    Lauren Lawrence, court reporter

    "I have been working on phrasing and I always enjoy and value your briefs . . . I'm actually adding briefs from your book right now, and I'm loving, loving, loving it. They make so much sense coming from a StenEd background. Thank you!"

    Jamie Asbury, court reporter

    "Linda, I am so excited to receive this book and see what tricks you have up your sleeve!! When I go to Facebook to look up a brief or see that you have commented on someone's post, I always look to see what your brilliant mind has come up with or what you might suggest. You are an inspiration!!"

    Keith Rowan II, court reporter, creator of Facebook's "Court Reporter Briefs That Make You Go Hmm?!

    "Linda is one of the most gifted brief whisperers I've come across. There are a few people who can quickly and easily think of a brief for anything. Linda is one of those. If I ever want a source for a brief, you want one of those people. As someone else mentioned, "Brief Encounters" is mostly single words. Linda's is entirely phrases, which, for most reporters, are much more helpful. The easiest way to write 225+ WPM easily or to become a realtime writer is to be a phrase master. The possibilities are endless. This book sure looks like a good asset on that journey!"

    Celeste Poppe, court reporter

    "I always look for your Facebook posts on the Brief Exchange, Linda. I'm so thrilled to be able to purchase your book!"

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    Karen Raymond Schrader, court reporter

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    Sindee Baum, court reporting student

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    Lance Steinbeisser, court reporter

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  • Need Scoping/Proofreading Services?

    With decades of experience in copy editing, a master of education degree, and fluency in steno, I offer pristine full-audio scoping and in-software proofreading in Eclipse to stenographic reporters. 130,000-plus pages have been scoped/proofread thus far. For more information, to include client references, please email me at [email protected].


    (Note: To download a copy of my rates sheet, scroll down and click on the "Rates" button.)


    Focus: I specialize in depositions involving expert witnesses in various areas, to include patent law, the medical arena, and reinsurance. I've worked on high-profile cases in real-time involving CRISPR, Huawei, Apple, and opioid diversion litigation. In addition, from 2020 to 2022 I edited transcripts of meetings of one of the largest labor unions in the U.S.


    Process: Since my schedule is fluid, decisions are made on a day-to-day basis regarding my availability. When the client has a file they would like me to scope, they email me the number of pages and deadline. I then promptly respond with my availability. If I’m available, the reporter deposits the rough or cleaned-up file into our shared Dropbox folder. After I check the audio to be sure that it's clear, I send an email to confirm that I’ve accepted the assignment. That’s when the clock starts ticking.


    Real-Time Editing: The most demanding of all scenarios, my Connection Magic scoping is reserved for real-time reporters with whom I have developed a working relationship and thus am familiar with the quality of their writing. Since I scope to full audio, my maximum is approximately 200 pages per session. This typically translates to an 8- to 10-hour day. I am on the latest version of Eclipse 9 and 10.


    Writing Style: My clients are mostly real-time-proficient reporters who write in an intelligent verbatim style. I do not edit transcripts where every utterance, stutter, and partial and repeated word(s) are to be added by the scopist since that resides within the reporter's realm, negatively impacts my bottom line, and also compromises my ability to serve my clients.


    Deadlines: Scoped files are returned ahead of schedule the majority of the time. While this is not to be expected, it gives you an idea of how I operate. And, finally, I’ve never missed a deadline. Thanks for dropping by, and report on!

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