2. Audio Practice - "X Did You" Testimony Series (MP3 format)

2. Audio Practice - "X Did You" Testimony Series (MP3 format)

6.99 - 58.00
Maximize the power of audio to memorize the 540-plus conflict-free one-stroke briefs featured in the newly released "X Did You" eBook and rock your proceeding! Once purchased, audio file(s) will be e-mailed to you. MP3 format. Allow 1-2 business days for delivery. Click on arrow next to "Select" to see buying options. Save 15+ percent and purchase complete set of audio files plus eBook (Option #9) for $58!
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Audio Option 1 - Who did you  (p. 5, Time:  1:53)

Audio Option 2 - What did you (p. 7, Time: 2:12)

Audio Option 3 - When did you (p. 10, Time: 2:34)

Audio Option 4 - Where did you (p. 12, Time: 2:23)

Audio Option 5 - Why did you (p. 15, Time:  2:06)

Audio Option 6 - How did you (p. 17, Time: 2:12)

Audio Option 7 - And did you (p. 19, Time: 2:38)

Audio Option 8 - Complete set of 7 audio files (Time: 16 minutes)

Audio Option 9 - Complete set of 7 audio files plus newly released "X Did You" Testimony Series eBook.  (Note:  The eBook that's included here is the very same one that may be purchased separately in the Brief Relief Store (Product #1).  Thus if you purchase Option #9 here, there is no need to purchase the eBook separately that is in the store unless you plan to give it as a gift.)