New eBook!  Brief Relief "Do You Know" Testimony Series
New eBook! Brief Relief "Do You Know" Testimony Series
The most important briefs to have in your arsenal! Rock your Q&A with 760+ conflict-free one-stroke briefs for phrases starting with do you know, do you know who, do you know what, do you know when, do you know where, do you know why, do you know how, do you know if, do you know whether, and do you know about. Buy "Audio Practice - Brief Relief 'Do You Know' Testimony Series" and save big! (Scroll down to audio section, see option 15.) 28 pages. Format: Adobe Acrobat PDF with traceable watermarked pages. Once purchased, eBook will be e-mailed to you. Allow 1-2 days for delivery.
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Note:  There are audio practice files for this Brief Relief "Do You Know" Testimony Series eBook that are available in the audio section of the Brief Relief Store.  Purchase Option #15 for the complete set of audio files with eBook included at a significant savings!