5. Audio Practice - Brief Relief "Do You Know" Testimony Series (MP3 format)

5. Audio Practice - Brief Relief "Do You Know" Testimony Series (MP3 format)

3.95 - 58.00
Maximize the power of audio to memorize the phrases featured in the newly released Brief Relief "Do You Know" Testimony Series eBook and dramatically shorten your writing! Options 1-13 feature phrases starting with do you know, do you know who, do you know what, do you know when, do you know where, do you know why, do you know how, do you know if, do you know whether, and do you know about. Once purchased, audio file(s) will be e-mailed to you. MP3 format. Allow 1-2 business days for delivery. Click on arrow next to "Select" to see options. Save 15+ percent and buy all 13 plus eBook for $58!
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"DO YOU KNOW" TESTIMONY SERIES DICTATIONS (based on "Do You Know" Testimony Series eBook):

Audio Option 1 - Do you know  (p. 5, Time:  :39)

Audio Option 2 - Do you know who (p. 6, Time: 1:45)

Audio Option 3 - Do you know what, part 1 (p. 8, Time: 3:27)

Audio Option 4 - Do you know what, part 2 (p. 12, Time: 1:21)

Audio Option 5 - Do you know when (p. 14, Time:  :37)

Audio Option 6 - Do you know where, part 1 (p. 14, Time: 3:13)

Audio Option 7 - Do you know where, part 2 (p. 18, Time: 3:04)

Audio Option 8 - Do you know where, part 3 (p. 21, Time: 3:11)

Audio Option 9 - Do you know why (p. 25, Time:  :26)

Audio Option 10 - Do you know how (p. 25, Time:  :51)

Audio Option 11 - Do you know if (p. 26, Time:  :54)

Audio Option 12 - Do you know whether (p. 27, Time:  :09)

Audio Option 13 - Do you know about (p. 28, Time:  :19)

Audio Option 14 - Complete set of 13 audio files (Time: 17:26 minutes)

Audio Option 15 - Complete set of 13 audio files plus Brief Relief "Do You Know" Testimony Series eBook.  (Note:  The eBook that's included here is the very same one that may be purchased separately in the Brief Relief Store (Product #4).  Thus if you buy this complete set of audio files, there is no need to also purchase the eBook that is Product #4 in the store unless you plan to give it as a gift.)